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About Us

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Who is DAMO? Well, it is just that, Dan & Maggie Orlando.

Dan and Maggie grew up across the street from each other in Villa Park, IL. Dan is the baby of six and Maggie is the baby of eight children. 

Danny's mother, Barb, will tell you Maggie would sit on the corner and pine over Danny. Danny will tell you Maggie would be the annoying kid sister of his friends that would come in the garage and bother them. He remembers saying, 'Ronnie, can you tell your little sister to go back in the house.'  Danny's tune now changes a bit, and he just can't get enough of that red headed woman.

Once a week, Danny's father, Bob, would prepare Sunday gravy for the family meal. Danny quickly grew a love to cook watching his father.  Maggie's mom, Mary Ellen, would always have friends gathered around the table, even when her own children weren't there. Maggie soon realized you either made it to the table quick or you wouldn't eat.  When Danny and Maggie married, they realized family gatherings would mean they would be required to cook for a small army. This number quickly escalated when friends and neighbors experienced Danny's meals.  There was never a shortage of people around their house for R & D (Research and Development).

After Danny cooked 10 Turkeys and 4 Hams for Thanksgiving on every smoker/grill they owned for friends and family, the decision was clear that they needed to make this a business. They had already started DJO Signs & Such LLC, a custom woodworking business, reclaiming Bourbon and Wine Barrels into home decor and furniture in 2020, so the idea to start a mobile BBQ business took shape.

Dan and Maggie self-financed the startup and purchased equipment and a 1976 Work Horse Truck that they would revamp into their food truck. Unfortunately, after receiving the food truck from Texas, the report from their mechanic turned their dreams of a food truck into a financial nightmare. The truck would need work that would cost them twice as much as what they paid for the truck. Danny and Maggie were crushed. Since they still believed in their dream and were very passionate to pursue, they pivoted and purchased tents and permits to start doing pop ups events to recoup their costs. After doing this for about 3 months, they turned the trailer from their other business into a working mobile kitchen to make the process a little easier. They continue to do many local markets, pop ups at breweries & vineyards and fests. DAMO BBQ is highly sought after for its intimate flair on private catered events, holiday parties, business luncheons, baby showers and weddings. The raved reviews and referrals from clients rapidly grew DAMO’s business success well into the holiday season.

Although, DAMO BBQ started off with several hiccups and setbacks, the year ahead is looking bright as they look to expand their events and menu. Be sure to follow their journey on social and remember, ‘You can’t go wrong with DAMO meat in your mouth'.

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